A Word from The Principal June 25th 2014

Hello everyone!

Here we are in the final week of Term 2. It has been a wonderful term for me and I hope for you also.


I enjoyed reading all the children’s reports over the last fortnight and they should take pride in their concentrated efforts during class time. Remember….work hard and get smart! I am especially delighted when I see wonderful comments about positive behaviours, friendly attitudes and caring actions. We have our school values of honesty, courage, responsibility and respect. It was very pleasing to see so many children had comments from their teachers that reported the children’s positive actions in this respect. If you had such comments on your report, give yourselves a pat on the back! J

Investigations and ERPs

I was very lucky today as I was able to spend the first hour of Wednesday in investigation time with 1 /2S. The children were positively engaged in reading, writing, drawing, experimenting and constructing. What were some of the activities undertaken? Harry was planning his supermarket, Declan was trialling a board game that he had finished last session, Fleur was completing her pet shop and Eleanor had made a wonderful finger puppet. I was having so much fun with the children that I didn’t really want to return to my office!

The 3 /4 students have also been doing investigations in the form of Education Research Projects. This term the projects are linked to biological science. They have been learning about living things and how they adapt to their environments, and the impact of humans on the survival of living things. I have had many visits from 3 /4 children who have shown me their impressive posters. I always love to see the children’s work and discover what they are learning about.

Parent Teacher Interviews

I hope that you will all take the opportunity to come and meet with your child’s class teacher this Thursday and learn about what your child is learning, and to discuss their needs and progress. It is so important that teachers have these conversations with parents. Working together, we can do so much to support each child’s development, and both teachers and parents gain a deeper level of understanding about how to help children learn when they share information.


Thank you to Jenny Abraham and the PFA parents. What a wonderful, energetic team you are. The disco was really marvellous and the children had an absolutely great time! Thank you all so very much for bringing your ideas to life and for organising this fun evening for our students.


Well, it has been such an amazing term for me. Thanks to the teachers for their enthusiasm and professionalism over this term of change. You have kept the ship sailing straight and the children have been a happy crew! I’m looking forward to next term already! Production here we come!

Farewells and Welcomes

Farewell to our Year 5 teacher, Jake, who is travelling to Ireland with his family for the next year. What an

adventure! Welcome to Meagan Street, our new Year 5 teacher, who is really looking forward to joining the Kallista team and teaching our terrific Year 5’s! A warm welcome also to Jan Abbott who is known to many of you. Jan is the replacement teacher for 1/2S. It is also great to have Robyn Durrand to assist in Year 1/2. Welcome aboard!

Have a very safe and happy holiday everyone.

Christine Finighan




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