A Word From The Principal July 23rd 2014

Welcome to Week 2!

I hope you all had a very safe and happy holiday. I enjoyed wandering from class to class on our first morning back to say ‘hi!’ to everyone. Classes were catching up on holiday news and sharing stories. See Heather’s and Deb’s classes here, using a sharing technique that’s a bit like ‘speed dating’! Everyone gets to share their stories and ideas by rotating around in a circle- a fantastic way to share the holiday excitement and reconnect with friends.

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Volunteer time in the holidays ….

Thanks to Helen and John Whitelaw for washing down some extremely slippery areas of the school in the holidays. The driveway, paths and kitchen garden verandah look brand new! Thanks for making them safe for pedestrians.

Also, many thanks to Shaun Embleton for fixing our fence at the back. This is just fantastic and gives us a little more time to get the support from Parks Victoria to put in our new, higher, stronger fence- coming soon I hope!

Shaun’s repair has increased student safety and it looks so much better also. Thanks Shaun!

And thanks too, to Peter Grimes for his continued efforts to enhance the tidiness and safety of our yard, disposing of leaf litter, weeding and clearing garden refuse.

From the community- a huge thank you!


Staff news – welcomes and appreciation.…

I would like to give a very warm welcome to our three new staff,  Jan Abbott (Year 1 /2- replacing Stef), Meagan Street (Year 5- replacing Jake) and Robyn Durrand working as an aide in the Year 1 /2 with Jan.

Our Kallista staff are a great team, and everyone has been working together to support the transition of the new staff. I would like to acknowledge teachers’ efforts in preparing their classrooms and learning activities,  and our office staff in organising many administrative tasks during the term break. This important background work has ensured a smooth and successful start to the term.

Playtime with the Principal- or ‘Fun-again with Finighan!’

On Monday 21st July, teachers have started to record the children who arrive at school on time. Remember if you are late, go to the office and obtain a late pass so that you can show your teacher that you had a good reason for being late. All children who have been at school on time will join me in the last week of  term, for some extra playtime!

House points and the House Cup!

Talking of fun…by the way, kids… you might have noticed that my hair is no longer pink!

How about you all do your very best to gain as many house points this term as you can, by cleaning the yard, showing your best sportsmanship and teamwork, trying your best in class and using good manners.

If your house wins the House Cup at the end of this year, I, Mrs. Christine Finighan, do solemnly swear, that I will dye my hair the colour of your house- whether it be red, green, blue or gold!

So, let the competition begin!

Term 3 Extra-Curricular Lunchtime Activities

I am pleased to announce this term’s lunch activities

Library- Tuesday and Thursday

Choir-   Thursday in Learning Centre

Drumming Circle-  Wednesday in Library

Chess- $64.00 for 8 sessions

Chess notice went out yesterday- please come to the office if you missed out. We will be holding chess classes on Mondays, starting next Monday 28th July, in the library.

Yoga- $64.00 for 8 sessions

An ‘Expression of Interest’ form went home on Monday. If you missed out, it is available at the office. If we have enough interested people we will start next week. Come and get a notice and hand it in by this Friday! Day for yoga will be advised if we go ahead.

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