A word from the Principal:

Hello everyone!

Our lunchtime extra-curricular activities are in full swing, with many children taking the opportunity to enjoy themselves. We were just finishing up our yoga session with some meditation last Friday, when it started to snow! The meditation was abandoned, replaced by squeals of delight as the children leapt to the window to spy the delicate flakes swirling in the air above the oval. Beautiful!

Last Thursday, we were delighted to have the four year old Kallista kindies come to visit. The kindies had a wonderful time planting a variety of fruit trees with our Year Four students. Thank you to one of the Kallista Kindergarden mums, Monique Saunders, who so generously donated these plants. The children had a terrific time together and these trees will be a great addition to our grounds.

Speaking of our grounds, there are exciting plans afoot for playground development at Kallista Primary School. Parents and teachers on the Playground Working Party are researching and developing plans to improve the playground environment. Watch this space!

Working Bee- Sunday 24th August, 9.00am to 1.00pm

If you would like to contribute to improvements to our grounds and facilities in a practical way this month, you might like to attend our next working bee. We plan on having a bit of a clean-out with the help of some ‘skips’ on the property, re-filling the sandpit and some other odd jobs. Look out for the notice coming home this week. This time we will have some roast lamb rolls for morning tea to refuel! Hope to see you there!

Our Year 5 Peacemakers will be receiving their certificates at assembly this week and will be out and about helping the younger children next week. Thank you to the following friendly, caring students, who are pledging to give some regular time to help the young ones, and to make our school a friendly, safe and special place to be.

Friendship Matters at Kallista

Check out the friendship flags that will be appearing around the school and the friendship leaves in the office foyer. Let’s continue to focus on friendliness at school…it really does matter. Your friendly actions and words will make a difference everyday.

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Some feedback from:
Mark Wilson – our visiting author/illustrator commented on how well behaved our Kallista children were in his sessions and how much he had enjoyed his day at Kallista. They were well behaved and respectful but also showed real enthusiasm for his ideas!
All the best everyone. Have a great week of learning!

Mrs. Fin

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