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Hello Everyone!

Yay!!! Production is here! It was launched early this term with the titleBeat the Heat’– perfect title thanks to Hamish- and the kids cooked up a storm yesterday at rehearsal! I was thrilled to see big kids and little kids singing and dancing to the beats of world music! What a hit this will be kids!

It takes many hands, a cast and crew, to get a production such as this up and running, and we have been privileged to have many talented people working on our school production ‘Beat the Heat’. Yesterday’s rehearsal at Burrinja ran like clockwork, thanks to the tireless work of our wonderful production coordinator, Marg Brooks, and the children looked terrific on stage, wearing their colourful ‘Beat the Heat’ t-shirts, designed by Kallista student, Indigo Linde. We love the t-shirts Indigo!

Valanga Khoza’s exciting artistic direction and musical inspiration has been appreciated by everyone across the school this term. He continued with gusto on Monday, ensuring the children put energy and enthusiasm into fine tuning their performances for opening night, which as you know was …. last night!!

It’s also been great to have members of our Kallista families involved in the production. Thanks to former student and Sam Graunke’s son, Mitch, and our drumming mum, Lisa Baird, for providing fabulous live musical accompaniment with Valanga. Music is such a powerful force for good in the world and so special to share in this way at school. Our terrific teachers, Yahiro and Sam enrich the children’s educational experience each week with their love of music and we thank them for taking the production instrumental groups and choir to performance standard over the last few weeks.



There are also people working behind the scenes. Thanks to Michael Meitzke for his continued  support in many ways, including being in the bio box and making sure all the technology goes to plan! Our graphic designer mum, Anthea Heagney, has generously given her time to create the Beat the Heat poster and program. It looks great!

As you would be aware, the teachers have been behind the children’s success all the way. Their reward will be in the children’s smiling faces and the joy that will be shared through their performances. Marg Brooks has been a tower of strength and vision and is the driving force behind ‘Beat the Heat!’ and  we all say a very big “Thank you Marg!“



Education Support Staff- awesome staff, great people!

August was Education Support Staff month at Kallista Primary School and I would just like to acknowledge the wonderful work of all our Education Support Staff in our school. Thanks to our wonderful office ladies, Andrea, Bronwyn, Bernie, and the lovely Sandra who does an amazing job on our Miniscope every fortnight! Thanks also to Kylie in the kitchen, Jennie in the garden and Jayne and Liz at OSCH- always smiling and enriching our students lives at school. And our beautiful teacher aides Kerrie, Sherrin and Robyn who provide care and support in the classrooms. Thanks ladies- our school would not be the same without each and every one of you.

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