July 29th

Artwork by Preps

 As you can see Preps have been studying minibeasts. If you have a peek at their blog you will seen more examples of their fabulous work.

News from the Kitchen

We were fortunate to have Terry Gordon come to talk to the children over the past two weeks about Safe Food Handling. Terry is a professional Safe Food Handling teacher working in the hospitality industry training all levels of employees in this sector, up to master chefs. The full Safe Food Handling Level 1 course is 5 hours long, so the students really just touched on some of the course content in the hour and a half sessions. We looked at some basic areas relevant to our cooking sessions, such as the need for proper hand washing, letting staff know if they are sick before they handle any food – especially if they have gastro, and keeping food out of the ‘danger zone’, thereby preventing food poisoning through bacterial build up. We thank Terry for generously donating her time and knowledge for these sessions.  

For this week’s sessions with 3/4F and 4/5D we will be making sautéed Asian greens, using cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, tatsoi and mazua, grown in the garden, some mini veggie quiches using the silverbeet, garlic parmesan bread using lots of parsley, and lemon self-saucing puddings, thanks to
Michelle Shannon’s fabulous supply of home-grown lemons.

Does anybody have a rice cooker they would like to donate to the kitchen? This would be a great appliance to have on hand in the kitchen as we are planning to make a few curries, fried rices and other rice dishes in the future. Please let me know if you can help us out with one.

Do you have a bok choy recipe where the bok choy isn’t stir fried or sautéed?  If you have, can you please send in a copy. We still have heaps of bok choy in the garden and I would love for the children to see something different done with it than just stir frying it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

 Happy cooking …. Simone



July 24th

Production News 

Australian @ Heart

With only seven (yes seven!!) weeks to go until we are on stage, there is a lot of production activity going on. We would like to congratulate the following students on being successful in having their titles and designs selected for our logo: Loghan  4/5D, Jordan  5/6MG, Tyla 5/6MG and Finn 3/4F. The logo will be used on t-shirts, tickets, programmes and any other advertising material we use. 
Our title is Australian @ Heart Our Never Ending Story, and this reflects beautifully the music and celebration of our unique country that makes up production this year. Students from all grades have started learning a Dance routine with Susan Lewis, a local choreographer, choir rehearsals are underway, and classes are starting to work out their individual items.

T-shirt order forms will be sent home soon, and sample sizes will be available for you to look at. logo2009

Many thanks,

Margaret Brooks and Sam Graunke

June 26th

Red Nose Day!!

Merchandise: A big thankyou to everyone for contributing to this year’s Red Nose Day Foundation by buying lots of merchandise throughout the last couple of weeks. From sales we raised $431.20 so good job everyone.

This money will all go to The Sids and Kids foundation for the research of Sudden Infant Death.

 Anucha: This year we decided that on Red Nose Day we would all dress up in red and bring a gold coin donation for Anucha our sponsor child from World Vision. Thanks to you all for dressing up and bringing a donation, we raised $154.85!!!

Well done, Your Social Service Monitors, Tabitha and Jordan.




June 24th

Whole School Dance Display

On Wednesday the 17th of June the whole school did lots of new and old dances on the top court of our school including the Nutbush, the Samba, Macarina and Jai Ho. Many of us enjoyed the dancing and we really got the beat and kept in time.  We practised and practised until we almost knew the dance off by heart. Then one day our lessons paid off, the parents were overjoyed and some of them joined in! At the end the whole school was puffed and we could not have done it without Mrs Morris! She organised it, taught it to us and just did a cracking job and she was puffed out too!   By Seth Benton-Gray and Thomas Staub.

The Prep ‘P’ Party

A party seems an unlikely forum through which to learn, but that’s exactly what we did today through the prep ‘pparty! Our grade of young prep pupils was replaced by princes and princesses, pumpkins, pirates, punks, pandas, puppies, patriots, pixies, panthers, pink preps, power rangers, pussy cats – even Peter Pan!

Activities for the day included ‘p’ word fishing with magnets, Pin the Tail on the Pony and Pass the Parcel, followed by a ‘p’ party food feast of pikelets, potato skins, party pies, pizza, pineapple, peas, pawpaw, preserved peaches, prunes, pumpkin pancakes, pink and purple cakes and much, much more! Following lunch we settled down with a DVD, enjoying classroom-popped popcorn at the pictures.

Yesterday, in the lead-up to our ‘p’ party, the children brainstormed as many words containing the letter ‘p’ as they could and, in only 4 minutes, we recorded a best-ever 41 words! Clearly, preparations for our party have really worked in tuning us in to the letter ‘p’!

I’d like to congratulate the children on their exemplary behaviour on a day full of so much excitement, and thank the parents for their great support and creativity in providing students with costumes and plates (and extra thanks to Kateshia, Claire and Anthea for help with, respectively, party-pies, popcorn and pictures!) Your support has helped in providing a day of terrific fun and entertainment, and ensured we will never – ever – forget the letter ‘p’!

June 9th

School modernisation progress

Yes, it is really happening! We have had visits from a project manager, an architect, three engineers, a surveyor and soil report has been completed. The architect has produced some preliminary drawings which have gone to DEECD for costing to see if the proposed project will fit within the $2 million budget. We are still hoping to be able to move walls inside the current building to make larger classrooms and working spaces as well as building some additional classrooms. The projects will soon go to the tender process before work commences probably in August starting with the new building.


Open Day and Kitchen Garden Week

We recently celebrated Education Week and Kitchen Garden Week with an Open Day at the School, Kinder and Community House. It was wonderful to see so many parents and community visitors enjoying looking around the school and local facilities. The sun shone and we were able to show off the school at its best. Visitors saw children participating in class activities including literacy, numeracy and integrated studies as well as specialist activities – Physical Education, Garden, Kitchen and Art.


Many visitors were taken on school tours by parents. We are expecting over 30 preps for next year so if you are considering enrolling your child for prep 2010, please contact us for further information and a school tour with the principal as soon as possible.




June 5th

News from the Kitchen

With Open day on last Thursday we had many visitors come to see what was happening in the Kitchen. All seemed to be very impressed with the skills and competencies of the children, and the healthy nature of the dishes that they were preparing. There was an abundance of Bok Choy and rocket from the garden, so we saw some Asian stirfries being made and some delicious salads with the rocket. The children also harvested some really interesting purple potatoes which we teamed up with some corn from Fred to make potato and corn fritters, which were served with a mint yoghurt dressing, using the mint we had grown. The children also dug up some Jerusalem Artichokes which we sautéed in a sage butter. Luckily the rhubarb
was still doing well in the garden, so this week we made a Rhubarb crunch slice, which was very nice. We also made some herd bread and herb scones using a variety of herbs from the garden.
Thanks to our wonderful volunteers who give up some precious time each week to help out in the kitchen. This fortnight we welcomed Maree (Tyler’s mum) to the 5/6 class and also Barbara Weisart, a community volunteer, who helped out with the 3/4 class. Lovely also to see Rachel (Sarah’s Mum 1/2F) back as the Open Day sessions were on Thursday. We hope they all enjoyed the sessions. If you have any free time on a Wednesday and would love to join us in the kitchen, you are most welcome. Thanks to Mandy for the washing and to Fred and the team at Kallista Organics across the road, for supplying us with all the fruit and veg that we haven’t been able to grow ourselves. Thanks also to Michelle Shannon for keeping the lemon supply happening; the children are enjoying making the lemon cordial.

Happy cooking …. Simone




We were very privileged to have an AFL player from Hawthorn visit Kallista recently and speak to the children about life as a footballer. Stephen Gilham was a VERY tall 24 year old  has been an AFL player for seven years which is quite exceptional considering the average playing time of an AFL player is only three years.

Stephen had a lovely manner with the children and answered some very probing questions asked by Kallista students. We gained insight into what dietary programs he followed how often he trained and what sort of training methods they used. We also discovered what he hoped to be doing after football. It was good to hear that most footballers are either working in part time jobs or studying so that they have a focus after their football career is over. Stephen is currently studying to be a social worker. He encouraged the children to be involved in sport but to always ensure that study and school work came first.

I think Stephen got a shock when he spent time with the Preps and I/2F. They tended to ask the questions that we were all dying to ask but didn’t dare eg. “Are you on a card in a chip packet?” “What sort of car do you drive?”
“Can you show us some of your injuries?” and, “Do you want to have a look at our yabbies?” Stephen was most gracious in answering ALL questions and was in due course suitably impressed with the classroom yabbies.
 Hilary Morris
Physical Education
“Go Doggies”





19th May Fantastic news!

$2 million grant to modernise Kallista Primary School.


This is very exciting news! We have received a grant of $2,000,000 from combined state and federal funding. Our local State government member, James Merlino, has worked with us for the past 5 years to promote our cause. He said “Kallista will now have buildings that match the quality of its educational program and support its great connection to the community.”  Building works are planned to start this year and there has already been a lot of action. We have been assigned a project manager and architect who have visited us and are working on concepts for our consideration. Teams of engineers and other associated professionals are also involved and have already been surveying the site.


The main priority for us is to have larger classrooms and more space to allow the children to work in a hands-on manner. We cannot rebuild our whole school for this amount of money but there are many exciting ideas to consider. To work within budget we are looking at modifying the current building by moving walls and re-arranging spaces. To maintain 7 classrooms, we will need to either extend the current building or build additional classrooms. Discussions are taking place with involvement of staff and overseen by School Council. If you would like to be involved or have some ideas to contribute, please contact me.  Everything is happening very fast at the moment.


Open Day and Kitchen Garden Week: This year Kitchen Garden Week 18th – 22nd May,  has been combined with Education Week. On Open Day we will be showcasing our kitchen and garden classes in action for you to come and see. You will be able to wander through the school from 9.30 am to 12 pm and our programs taking place.


Click here -Kallista-Open Day Poster




School Camps: Last week, our Grade 3 & 4 children had a great time at the Flinders Camp. This camp has an activity focus with the children doing a beach walk on the first day then a range of camp activities on the following days. The Grade 5 & 6 children went to camp at Beechworth staying at the “Old Priory”. Their camp has a “history” theme which was an extension of their class unit of work on the first gold discoveries in Australia. You will see from their reports that they keenly lapped up the history found in Beechworth.


To allow camps to take place, the staff need to work as a team and plan every minute of the camp day and night. I would like to thank the teachers and camp parents for their commitment and time.  Without this support, camps would not be possible. Teachers value the relationships that are strengthened during camp as they get to know the children even better. Each child is an individual and each child’s welfare is paramount to us at Kallista. As principal, I am proud of my hard working staff who are so genuinely caring for every child. A school is as good as the quality of its teachers and the fact that Kallista Primary’s positive reputation is spreading, reaffirms the quality of our teachers.

Anzac Day

We Will Remember Them

On Friday the 24th April we held an ANZAC ceremony. The 5/6’s organized and planned the whole ceremony. Each class presented some work that they have done about the ANZAC’s.  There were rations presentations, snapshot pieces, memorabilia, presentations and the laying of wreathes and posies. There was lots of information presented. Some of the 5/6’s presented the letters of the word ANZAC. It was like an acrostic poem. They were very artistic and beautiful. There was a very good slideshow of pictures and paintings showing during the ceremony. Lukas did a presentation on the Lone Pine and we learnt a lot. We did the formal part of the ceremony. Cale recited the ANZAC oath and we listened to The Last Post. Then there was the minute silence followed by the Reveille and the National Anthem. The ceremony was a great success and we all learnt a lot about the ANZAC’s history.                

By Katie and Dane (School Captains)