Arrrrr! Thanks Kallista Primary community for supporting Pirate Day Friday! It was such a privilege to host Victoria’s Deputy Premier and Minister for Education, James Merlino and Phil White from our Regional Dept of Education at our special (and VERY entertaining) assembly! More pics coming soon!



Kate Wilde speaking on our open night!

Research indicates that parents/carers have the biggest role to play in cyber safety but 70% do not know when their child has been bullied or harassed online. Kate Wilde will be speaking at 6.30pm on our Open Night on Cyber Safety and Bullying and how to best protect our kids online. Kate is an educator, counsellor and development worker with over twenty years’ experience working with schools, young people and their families and is a sought after and engaging speaker. She has recently worked with our students in the older year levels on the ‘Bully Stoppers’ Program and students will also be showcasing their anti-bullying work on the night!

Music Appreciation at Kallista Primary!

We have a date for a meeting on Wednesday 22 April 2015 at 7pm in the School library next week. We need parent involvement and enthusiasm to bring more music to our Kallista kids.

We will be discussing how to organise a music day for this Term, using all the wonderful skills of parents.

Please let other people know about this meeting. We need parent musicians and performing arts people, as well as people who can lend a hand on the day or help with organising. Music enriches our children’s educational experience so anyone can be involved, not just those with musical talents.  Please spread the word. Everyone is welcome!

Warm Regards
Principal – Christine Finighan
Literacy – Coordinator Marg Brooks
Parents – Lisa Baird and Kerry Wardlaw



Kallista Kids take their Kitchen Garden Program to professional levels by cooking with Staff at the Piggery, Sherbrooke.piggery6

Kallista Primary School already has a well-established and respected Kitchen Garden Program. It seemed logical that the next step would be to deepen their knowledge and share their own Kitchen Garden experiences with a large scale commercial one. Shannon Bennett’s ‘The Piggery’ in Sherbrooke has been collaborating with Kallista Primary on this endeavour since 2014 and the results are enthusiastic and excited kids who are taking their experiences back to school to cook up a storm!


A Word from the Principal

A great start everyone! 

We have hit the ground running in Term Four, with the swimming program so expertly organised by Hilary Morris and ably supported by teachers and parents. The children have shown respect and responsibility in the way they have behaved and managed their belongings while moving between the school and pool. Some children have shown courage, trying new things in the water and developing their capabilities beyond their former comfort zone! Well done kids!

If you take a walk around the school you will see a few changes that might make you smile. The children are loving the new breezeway with its rainbow coloured brickwork emerging. Thanks to Pat and Julie and co for running with this project! And of course yesterday when I was on yard duty at lunchtime, it was really special to open playpod in front of the children and see the excitement! Wow! What a change! The children can see what they would like to work with and access it easily and safely. Thank you Karen! 

Classes for 2015: We are anticipating an enrolment of about 220 children next year which is similar to this year’s number. We are still finalising staffing and our class organisation.

If your child will not be at Kallista next year, please let us know as soon as possible.

Preps and Inquiry Learning: I was so privileged yesterday to spend time in the Prep rooms while the children were carrying out their investigations. Children were engaged in exploring concepts through the use of concrete materials, and building on one another’s ideas through oral language and co-constructing as a team. As I moved around the room having conversations with the children about their constructions, I was delighted to see the extent to which the children are empowered to utilise the materials in their environment, and how much sharing and encouragement they offer to one another.

The development of knowledge and understanding within investigations is powerfully child centred. Mathematical terms are meaningfully explored through their play. Prep A made a super long train from Mobilo and were measuring, counting and estimating beyond 100! In Prep K, Reve was inspired by watching Bathurst with his dad on the weekend, and created a race track. Discussions about ordinal number naturally arose out of the race track that was constructed.

Kit’s model of the Titanic is taking shape and looks amazing, but his learning goes beyond the measurement, shape and geometry skills he is practising in the act of construction. He is developing concepts about the world, and expanding his vocabulary and expressive language, as he shares in reflection time with his teacher and friends. Within the inquiry learning environment, curiosity flourishes and a love of learning grows. 

Keep exploring, creating and learning everyone

Chris Finighan