15th February

Welcome Back

Welcome back to the new school year and a special welcome to the 46 new children and their families who have recently joined our Kallista community. We have 37 Preps this year.This year we have welcomed a new teacher, Chris Dockery who will be working part-time in Grade 5/6MD with Gail MacIntyre.  We are delighted that Sam Graunke is now working full-time with our Grade 4/5 children.  We love the enthusiasm of our other two new teachers—Jake Laurie (Prep/1) and Stafanie Acatos (Gr 1/2A). Both Jake and Stef have recently completed their Primary teaching qualification and we are delighted that they have joined our teaching staff.

Our new Kitchen

This is now being fitted out and is not far from completion. We will be calling a working bee for painting the interior soon.

Our new kitchen

Our new kitchen

 Twilight Picnic Sports:

Once again we have organised a whole school tabloid sports activity for everyone to get together on Friday 19th Feb. The school day will be from 11.30 am to 6 pm.The day is always a great opportunity to get to know others and to speak to new families.

Emergency Procedures:

We are very fortunate to have one of the safest refuges (General Purpose room) built in a school. It has a lot of safety equipment which is regularly maintained and tested eg generator, air system, emergency lighting, separate water supply, satellite phone connection etc. We hold practice evacuations so that the children know the procedures.

Parenting Partnerships:

This is an absolutely fantastic literacy course for our parents run by Marg Brooks who is our trained literacy support teacher. We require parents who are going to be hearing children read at school to do this course first. It gives you an understanding of the different aspects of literacy and how to assist children. Even if you can’t hear reading at school, this course will show you how to help your own child with literacy development. I can highly recommend this course for all parents so that we are all speaking the same language to the children and using the same approaches.

 Captains Comments

Hi everyone!

We are very much excited to be Kallista Primary School’s new school captains and we are looking forward to performing our duties as school captains. We welcome all the new preps, students and teachers and hope they all have a great time here at Kallista. Thanks to the teachers and Mrs. Rose for believing in us and electing us as the school captains of 2010.

from Emmalee and Seth
School Captains


Looking forward to the 2010 school year

School commences for the children in 2010 on Monday 1st February with the 37 new Preps commencing the following day. With much interest in the school, we will commence the school year with twenty more children than last year making 7 classes of 21 to 25 children. We are anticipating making an 8th class for 2011 but then we will have no space left! 

Progress on our Building Projects

For many years, it has been a dream of the school community to modernise the school building and, in particular, to make the classrooms bigger. This is desperately needed to provide more suitable and flexible learning spaces to cater for the valuable real life hands-on curriculum which is a feature of the school. All this planning in past years is now turning into reality. We have three building projects in progress.

A new Kitchen for the Kitchen Garden program. This is now being fitted out and is not far from completion. Stay tuned for details of an official opening.

our new kitchen

Our new kitchen.

Modernisation of the current school building. Builders have commenced knocking down internal walls and rebuilding other walls. The school building which currently has 7 classrooms and specialist rooms is being changed so it will only have 4 classrooms which are much bigger as well as specialist areas and more staff facilities. Phase 1 is well under way.

office and resource room attached to our new library

Office and resource room attached to our new library.


We are getting a new building with 4 classrooms connected by a large learning space (a gallery). As this will be our Junior Learning Centre, we are really pleased that we have been able to include a toilet off each classroom, small kitchens, quiet work areas as well as a door leading from each classroom to outside learning areas. Most of this building is being constructed off-site then it will be transported and put together on-site. We are hoping this will take place around Easter.

This year, our Preps will be experiencing the “Walker Learning Curriculum” which is a developmental curriculum incorporating project based learning with focussed explicit teaching. Our Prep teachers are being mentored by Cathy Walker whilst implementing the program and there will be an information night on Tuesday 23rd February at 7pm for parents of the children involved in this.

The teachers commence this year three days before the students. These days are being spent on professional learning and preparations for a wonderful and exciting year. On Thursday morning, the teachers will be attending various professional learning sessions at other schools organised through our schools network of Dandenong Ranges schools. Our school is hosting two sessions. We will be spending a day looking at the new E5 program as well as continuing to evaluate and document our approach to spelling. These days are truly valuable for us.


changing old classrooms into a new library

Changing old classrooms into a new library.

Warmest regards

Barbara Rose

Reflections on the 2009 school year

The year has ended on a high note with the graduation of our 17 Year 6 children at a Graduation Ceremony held at the beautiful Sherbrooke Lodge in December. We were proud of our “Class of 2009” students who all graduated with flying colours and looked splendid as dressed-up young adults.

Our term 3 production, “ Australian @ Heart”   was an absolute highlight of the year with all children involved in creating then performing this show. It was wonderful to see the children really enjoying performing and showing off their talents. Seeing Year 6 students accompanying the whole school on electric guitars was something special. The school productions at Kallista Primary are always a whole school community effort with parents, teachers and friends all involved in creating the costumes, stage backdrops and making the production happen.

Academically, we were delighted that our hard work with students has been very successful with all students in Prep to Year 2 achieving above the Victorian Literacy benchmarks at the end of 2009. Our “Branching Out” program which nurtures and enriches literacy has provided additional literacy support to children with literacy needs throughout the school as well as driving our whole school focus on improving spelling. Due to our consistent spelling approach which included on-going staff professional learning, our children are really developing sound spelling strategies. Data from standardised spelling tests and NAPLAN has shown considerable improvement.

Barbara Rose

9th December

News from the Principal:

Our Performing Arts groups: Last week the choir and recorder groups performed at three nursing homes to bring a little Christmas cheer to the elderly. Our children commented that some residents had tears due to happiness and some sang along with them too. The concert for Interlink was another great success. Interlink are a group of local disabled adults who meet weekly at Kallista Community House and regularly join with us. We even included stick dancing at this concert and 2/3H made afternoon tea for the group which was served by our Kallista Kids Council (KKC) children. You will also remember that a couple of weeks ago our Prep to 2/3 children performed in public at the launch of the K-mart wishing tree appeal. It is the season for thinking of others who may be less fortunate than us. Thanks to all the teachers, parents and children for making this happen.

New Staff:

As we have made an extra class next year we have been able to employ additional staff. We would like to welcome Stefanie Acatos who is commencing her teaching career with us in Grade 1/2. Sharing Grade 5/6 next year with Gail McIntyre will be Chris Dockery who is an experienced teacher previously working at Cockatoo PS.  Jake Laurie (Prep/1) is also a new staff member for next year. Our new Prep parents have already met Jake as he has been assisting us in the transition program. We are excited about the strength of our teaching team for 2010 and it is great to have new young staff and two male staff joining us.

Staff farewell:

Finally we farewell Paul Dobney who has been with us for the last two years. We would like to thank Paul for his contributions to the children and school and we wish him well in his new teaching position at Pinewood PS. Fleur Lacey is taking leave for one year to travel the world. Enjoy yourself Fleur and we will look forward to your return the following year.

Class arrangements for 2010:

Prep J Jeni Rasche 22                  Prep/1J Jake Laurie 22  

1/2 Stefanie Acatos 22                2/3 Robin Hayne 22

3/4 Deb Flagg 24                           4/5 Sam Graunke 25

5/6 Gail McIntyre/Chris Dockery 25

Total 162

Art  & Library Georgie Ruzyla

Library (upper grades) Barbara Rose

Physical Education Hilary Morris

Literacy support Marg Brooks

Music (Prep to Gr 2) Marg Brooks

Performing Arts (Gr 3-6) Marg Brooks/Sam Graunke

Japanese Yuki

Kitchen Specialist Simone Hall

Garden Specialist Jennie Hoogland

Office Staff Andrea Gunn/Bronwyn Laidler

Building works:

 Modernisation of the school building has commenced with major work taking place during the holidays. We are meeting builders this week to finalise the timing schedule. Then we will be able to let you know room allocations for next year. 

Kitchen Garden Program:

 Our program this year has run very smoothly with the children loving both parts of the program. The children have really loved this year’s recipes and food design activities in the fortnightly kitchen sessions led by Kitchen Specialist, Simone Hall. In weekly garden sessions, led by Jennie Hoogland, the children have loved being involved in the complete cycle of nature in a hands on manner. The plant stall at the market was a great success with the children raising $197.50 which will go towards more garden requisites. This program could not run without our two wonderful specialists, Jennie and Simone as well as the support from volunteers. This year we have had a good number of parents, grandparents and community members involved in this way. A very special thanks to all our volunteers. These are some of the comments from children’s self reflections that were written for reports:

My favourite classes were kitchen and garden because they were both really creative. I now do cooking and gardening at home.

Kitchen is a challenge but at the same time it is fun.

I love seeing the plants grow into things we can use in the kitchen.

Kitchen was really fun. We got to try lots of different things. Simone is a really good teacher and she lets us be creative with the cooking challenges.

I have improved with my cooking and have loved cooking all year.

School Resumes

School resumes in 2010 for the children on Monday 1st February with Preps commencing the following day. The teachers will be commencing on Wednesday 27th January with three days of professional learning activities. I will be at school for a number of days prior to this if you wish to contact me or alternatively, send me an e-mail any time.









Merry Christmas and Thankyou:

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their enthusiasm and commitment to making our school a great learning environment for the children. It really is an exciting place to be and there is so much happening. Next year promises to see many of our dreams for the school come to fruition. I wish everyone a safe and happy Christmas.

Warmest regards

Barbara Rose (principal)


25th November

Athletics Carnival:

This was another fantastic family and school event that allowed the children to all be fully involved and physically challenged. I have heard only praise for the tremendous organization and attention to detail that made this a very positive athletics day. Hilary had been teaching the children the necessary skills in the PE classes and the children have practiced with the assistance of the House Captains and Vice Captains. Thanks very much to our PE teacher, Hilary Morris, we all had a great time. Congratulations Grant House once again. The teachers v’s students tunnel ball competition will take place this Friday after morning assembly.
















Class Arrangements for 2010:

For 2010 we will have 7 classes. We will have the following classes: Prep, Prep/1, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 4/5, 5/6. We are expecting 35 Preps next year and a total school enrolment of 160 to 166 children—we are trying to finalise numbers. We will give details in the next Miniscope.

More About the Fire Season:

Last week we had our first Total Fire Ban day this season. It was classified as an “severe” danger day. Schools expect to close on “catastrophic” rated days which are also called code red days. We have been told that we will be warned of a possible approaching Code Red day, 7 then 3 days prior to the Code Red day. A Code Red day will officially be declared the day prior to the Code Red day.  Once declared, the rating will not change even if there is a cool change. We will notify you of all these warnings as we receive them. They will also appear on our School website the day we receive them. Having said that, if families chose to be “off the mountain” on other high fire risks days, please write us a note or phone stating your reason for not being at school. It is important that we code these absences in a particular way as we are being criticized for having a high absence rate and these days can then be counted separately to general absence days. Please make sure that we have your correct mobile numbers as DEECD are planning to set up a message system through mobile phones.On Total Fire Ban days we put a number of procedures in place at school: Shoes remain on all day, fire tags are worn by all children all day, copies of rolls showing the day’s attendances are kept at the office and classroom. Children also keep their water bottle and (for older children) a book on their table that they can take if we are “relocating to our safer place” (GP Room– previously called the Fire Refuge)

Free to a Good Home:

 One rooster!!!!! We have currently two and it is not working. Help!!!!

Village Fair 2010:

There is a lot of talk about having another Kallista Village Fair next year (Oct/Nov). We will have a meeting in February of interested people. Could you please see me this year (or drop me a line) if you are interested in being a committee member.

Final Day of School This Year:

There are only 3 1/2 more weeks of school this year and I would like to remind parents that school concludes on Friday 18th December at 1.30 pm. We will have a 30 minute morning recess then final assembly from 1 to1.30. This means that children will not have a lunch hour so we are suggesting that they have a large play lunch that day. As we are no longer able to have a Curriculum day on the last day of school, a 1.30 dismissal will allow the teachers to tidy up for the holidays and it provides the required 4 hours of instruction time.

Barbara Rose – Principal

Athletic Sports

WOW, what a fantastic day our recent Athletics Carnival was. It’s always a great day of fun and competition and this is shown by the number of ex-students that come back not only to watch but to help out. A day of thrills, spills, high drama and shock results…….but all good fun.

I was so pleased to see the level of enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by all students. I must congratulate our House Captains and Vice Captains for their efforts in trialling and training fellow House members and for their leadership on the day. The role of House Captains is time consuming and, at times extremely difficult with so many jobs to complete prior to, and during sports days. Our Kallista House system provides wonderful opportunities for many students to gain experience in leadership and management of others.

The variety of events ensures that all students have the opportunity to participate both as an individual and as a team.
Students had been practising not only in Phys. Ed. lessons but during recess and lunchtimes. What a fit bunch they are.A big thankyou to all Staff and parents that braved the warm conditions, many of whom remained on the track for the entire day. From recording, taking photos, judging, marshalling, raking the pit, preparing fruit and cold drinks, first aid, announcing, scoring, setting up equipment and finally unpacking back at school. What a mammoth effort. I hope to see you all back next year.I hope you enjoy the photographs presented here today .Thankyou to Jennie Hoogland, Geoff Fields and Nik Arcaro.  What a fantastic job our photographers did to capture all of the excitement of the day. Check out the sports noticeboard for more photographs next week.

Finally, an extra big thankyou to all the Kallista Staff for their ongoing support and enthusiasm.

 Hilary Morris (Sports Co-Ordinator)

_MG_7672  2009_11_11_4806






2009_11_11_4882  2009_11_11_4903

11th November

Ball Sports and Athletics:

 Last week, we all had a fun time with our House Ball Sports at school. The children had been practicing their skills and creating team strategies in preparation for these events. This was a competition for team ball games such as crossball and tunnelball. It  was wonderful that so many parents were able to join us. We were very pleased to see the manner in which all children worked so well together with the older children patiently training and encouraging the younger ones. Thanks to the House Captains for their tremendous efforts and to all the helpers.

  australia maths 059

australia maths 078

 australia maths 071

australia maths 084

Building works:

The kitchen is progressing very well with services currently being connected and much other work already completed. It will be completed ready for the start of school next year and within budget!!! The modernisation of the existing school building is awaiting final costing but will commence shortly. It includes carpentry, engineering, electrical work, data cabling, painting, carpeting, plumbing, building permit etc which all has to be quoted for in triplicate. But work will commence on the modernisation shortly. (before Christmas)  The new template building which has been costed above budget is being revised to reduce costs.


 australia maths 044

australia maths 043 

Class arrangements for 2010:

We are planning to increase to seven classes in 2010. We haven’t finalized what our class structures will be for next year and we will let you know this when possible. Please read the next page about placement of students in classes for 2010 and put any requests in writing to me. If you anticipate that your child will not be returning to our school next year, please let me know as soon as possible as this will impact on our plans for 2010.

Barbara Rose


News from the Kitchen

It has been a busy fortnight in the kitchen. The garden has been supplying us well, allowing us to make lots of very yummy dishes. For our last rotation of classes, we made Clive and Parsley Pikelets using the parsley and chives from the garden, topped with a simple red onion and tomato salsa. We also made a Broad Bean and Bacon Risotto, using the celery and broad beans grown in the garden, and teamed this with a Garden Salad using the lettuce, mustard leaves and spring onions we had grown. To finish off, we made some Lemon Yoghurt muffins which the children enjoyed. Lots of Lemon Cordial was made as well.

With only two fortnightly rotations to go, this fortnight we will be making Herb and Garlic Bread using a variety of herbs from the garden, and a Green Salad with Pear, Fennel and Parmesan, using the fennel, spring onions and lettuce. We will be continuing with the broad beans, making  Linguine with Broad Beans, Thyme and Bacon. The pasta machine is dusted off and ready to go! We will also be making some Cinnamon topped Apple and Rhubarb Muffins now that the Rhubarb is back.

For our final sessions, 4/5D and 3/4F (25th November) and 5/6G (2nd December) are planning to have Christmas parties. We would like to invite all the people who have helped with either the kitchen or garden to join with their class, and hopefully Fred and his team will join us as well. So if you have helped out with a class this year, please keep these dates free and keep a look out for your invitation.On 2nd of December, 2/3H will be catering for the Interlink afternoon tea for their final session in the kitchen. I’m sure that they will have lots of fun preparing for this event.On Wednesday 9th December, we will be having a big kitchen tidying session. If anybody is available I would love some help.Thank you as always to our lovely volunteers and to Fred for the extra vegetables and fruit – we really couldn’t run the sessions without you!

Happy cooking …. Simone

October 5th


Just prior to the holidays the Grade 5/6’s participated in a RUGBY GALA DAY with other Hill’s schools and what a great day it was. The constant rain and muddy fields only added to the excitement of the day. Our Kallista students showed a high level of sportsmanship and were able to put into practice all the skills they had learned during their three week clinic which was held at school. These sessions were run by Len Mason who is the Junior Development Officer from Melbourne Storm. I am always impressed with the instruction and coaching provided which encourages all students to participate confidently. This is the second time Len has been to Kallista and our students have found the sessions to be both successful and enjoyable. Being a sport that few children had experienced it provided an opportunity for all students to start off on the same footing with great results being achieved. I hope you enjoy our action shots provided.

Hilary Morris

Physical Education



September 11th

Australian @ Heart

Our Never Ending Story

What an incredible production! I keep hearing this over and over again. It was truly breathtaking and we are so proud of the way Sam Graunke enthusiastically led the team of staff, parents and children. One parent wrote: “Congratulations on the success of the production. Thankyou for all the effort you put in– having to become choreographers, set and costume designers, producers, stage managers etc in addition to your normal duties is a huge commitment! The extra time you all put into the production, as well as day to day activities at school is noticed and very much appreciated.”

A proud grandmother wrote: “I have just come home from seeing the concert and felt I just had to write and thank you all for such a fantastic evening….It was a wonderful performance because it incorporated the whole school. I had tears in my eyes at the effort everybody had put into the entire show and this just shows how the “kids of today” can do it—in fact I think it is the best school production I have seen, certainly an achievement for primary school children. To the choreographers, planners, lighting technicians and all the backstage people—thankyou for a truly professional job. It was a joy to watch. To the children…you were magnificent…you made us proud of each and everyone of you. You all seemed to be enjoying yourselves so much as you sang your own salute to Australia. It was just great! Again, thankyou for an evening to remember.”

I think these letters and everyone’s verbal praise sum up our appreciation for the commitment and efforts of all the staff, parents and children of
Kallista Primary. Thanks sincerely everyone!

A DVD of the performance and a DVD of still photos can be ordered via the office.

Click on the photos on the left hand side of this page to find more photos of our production.

Barbara Rose

Modernisation of our school buildings

Stage 1 is expected to commence shortly after the start of Term 4. This stage involves turning the three senior classrooms into a Library/Music area as well as creating staff work areas. The second stage is to turn the library and spare classroom into two classrooms. In the third stage, the three junior classrooms will be turned into two larger classrooms plus a reading area.

 Swimming Program:

The two week intensive swimming program is the first two weeks of next term. All money must be paid by the end of this term which is when we have to finalise numbers.

Captains Comments

Hi everyone!

WOW! What a success. Production went really well and all of the kids and parents enjoyed it thoroughly. We would like to thank Craig and Katicha, all the teachers and the parents. We would like to say a huge thankyou to Sam Graunke, Mrs. Brooks and Mrs. Hayne for making the production such a big success. The 5/6’s had their rugby gala day yesterday and all of them had a great time. On Monday the grade 6’s went to Sherbrooke
Community School to see their production. They were really great and we all enjoyed it.

Have a good week, Katie and Dane

News from the Kitchen

For our final two sessions this term, 3/4F, 4/5D and 5/6G will be designing their own recipes using the produce that they have harvested from the garden. Within their kitchen groups the children selected at random a recipe category, such as desserts, savoury, muffins, pasta sauces and so on. Their recipe designs are then judged on taste, appearance, texture and the number of garden ingredients used. Looking forward to what recipes the children design.

Last week’s kitchen sessions for 5/6G and 2/3H were cancelled due to the production – we weren’t really sure how many children would turn up. Thank you to our community volunteers, Liz and Sheila who helped with 4/5D the previous week, and to our team of grandparents, Phillip & Rosa Taylor (Molly’s grandparents), Di (Olivia’s grandmother) and Lorraine (Hannah, Kim and Jarrod Smith’s grandmother) who came to help with 3/4F. We also welcomed Pauline Molenaar (Ineka’s Mum) to our kitchen sessions. We hope that you enjoyed it! Thanks also to Rebecca who has been doing her teaching rounds with Deb’s class, and has been a great help assisting with kitchen sessions. Big thanks to Fred at Kallista Biodynamics for all the lovely organic produce he supplies us.

 Happy cooking …. Simone

August 14th


Australian @ Heart   Our Never Ending Story 


It’s less than 3 weeks away now. So much is happening and there are enthusiastic dancers and singers all over the place. You will note that the production is taking place on two nights (Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd September) at Monbulk College. We are trying to run a break even event and the ticket prices are our only source of income. Money from the ticket sales goes towards paying for all costumes, make-up, backdrop expenses, bus to rehearsals (on Monday 31st August during school time), 6 sessions for each class with a choreography teacher, lighting, sound and other expenses. A DVD of the show is being made professionally —orders and details later.  A DVD of still photos of classes in their costumes and snapshots from the show, will also be available.  A selection of photos will displayed at the theatre and at school after the show. Tickets for the production are on sale now. You can find ticket forms in Miniscope, at the office or download a form from this blog. There will be 220 tickets for sale for each night. Our school students do not need a seat as they will see the production at rehearsals. 

Barbara Rose

Click here for a Ticket Order Form

Children’s Bookweek 2009

 The week beginning August 24th is ‘Bookweek’, and the books nominated by ‘The Children’s Book Council’ are judged. The children have been working on activities related to the short-listed books in Library and will also vote for their preferred choice.  

Bookweek at Kallista

August 21st—August 26th Book Fair will operate in the Library. A range of books and other small items are available for purchase at reasonable prices with a commission being paid to the Library. 

Book Fair times: 8.45—9.00am, 1.30—2.00pm, 3.30—4.00pm

Bookweek Incursion

Valunga Khoza will perform African music and storytelling for the whole school on Wednesday 26th of August. Cost $5 per child—money to be in by 19th August

Georgie Ruzyla (Art/Library Teacher)

Art Work by 1/2F      Walking On The Moon



August 10th

School Modernisation Progress

Our new building:

The building of our new classrooms is about to commence using grants from the economic stimulus program. Builders, (L U Simon Builders) have been appointed. The new building will have three classrooms (learning studios) around a common learning space the size of another large classroom. We will be using it for the senior section of the school. It will be built below the ball courts in place of the lower shelter shed.   


Modernising our current building:  

The second part of the building works is modernisation of the current school building which will involve moving and rebuilding internal walls to make larger learning areas. The architect is finalising drawings for this work which will be completed in three phases. The current building will have 4 classrooms which are the size of 1 ½ current classrooms. Each room will have a storeroom, a set of bag boxes, an interactive whiteboard and access to a wet area.  These rooms will be connected by a common computer area. This building will also have an Art room (current location) and a Library/Music room (located where the current senior classrooms are). There will be a new teacher work area, an interview room and a counselling room. We can’t wait to have more working space!

 Exciting Kitchen News:

 We have eventually come up with a plan for a new kitchen that fits our budget!!!!!!  We are buying two second-hand classrooms and placing them together on the area beside the kitchen garden above the fire refuge back against the retaining wall. We are planning to join the two buildings together opening them into one large room. Measuring 7.2 X 17 metres. We will then fit them out with 4 kitchen workstations like a home economics classroom. We are hoping to be able to include a toilet and also build a verandah on the garden end of the kitchen which will be accessed by sliding glass doors. We are expecting the two classrooms to be delivered in about two weeks time. Each classroom will be split into two and brought here on trucks then craned into place and put back together again.

This is a plan that we can work on with support from the parents and community members by means of some special purpose working bees. It will also be great to have the kitchen beside the garden to help link the two together. With a few creative ideas, (including a mural on the blank outside wall) and some careful planting, in no time at all, our new kitchen will look nothing like classrooms and will become part of the flourishing garden.

Our children in grades 3-6 have a 90 minute kitchen class fortnightly and they will truly appreciate this new facility which will replace the converted canteen that is currently used as the kitchen. However, are we are creating a self contained facility which will also be available for community use in two ways: firstly, for community groups at little or no cost and secondly for business groups which will raise funds to keep the program running.




One of the Community groups who are keen to use this facility is “Interlink” – a local group of disable adults who currently join our children for music activities and concerts. Other community groups will be able to use this as a meeting facility eg U3A groups, Rotary, the local walkers club, and we would be happy to offer the facility for the “Community Kitchen program” run through the shire. This program allows needy people to cook meals for their families with guidance from a co-ordinator. It will also be a meeting place for our school parents or any other community group who might just want to make themselves a cuppa.

On the business side, the facility will be use by the Kallista Community House to run a variety of cooking courses and we are in discussion with two local chefs who currently run cooking schools. We could also set up a program where businesses bring their staff for a bonding/team building session. They will be able to co-operatively cook a meal together by harvesting the fresh vegetables and produce from the garden. There are a number of options that we can pursue along these lines.

We want to build a ramp to allow access for the disabled (including “Interlink”) but we will need to seek more funding of about $8,000 to $10,000 for this as we know our money won’t stretch to this initially.

We are very excited to be eventually getting a new kitchen and we can’t wait to see it being delivered. This kitchen has been made possible by a grant of $75,000 form the economic stimulus package – Building the Education Revolution. The remainder of the money has come from donations and grants including a $10,000 grant from the Bendigo Bank’s Community Enterprise program.

Barbara Rose