Visual Arts

Visual Arts Program


The Arts are an integral part of a holistic education for all children. The opportunity to participate fully in a sequential and stimulating Arts program provides children with important skills with which they can communicate ideas, feelings and beliefs. This ability to communicate through the Arts is valued by all cultures and societies.


At Kallista, children embark on a skills-based visual arts program from grades Prep to Six. A range of artistic media and techniques are used to foster the development of creative skills and problem solving. Children are encouraged to use the skills they have learned and the variety of media available to them through the Arts program to develop creative solutions to set tasks.


By relating their work to other areas of the curriculum, students are able to communicate their understanding of concepts and express their ideas in an innovative way.


By their very nature the Arts encourage cultural understanding. At Kallista PS children are encouraged to study a range of cultures which broadens their knowledge and understanding of the diversity of people and also enhances appreciation of their own culture.


Visual Arts participation should be enjoyable and stimulating and provide all children with an enriched experience, which, in turn contributes to a well balanced and stimulating society.

Georgie Ruzyla  


See below for more examples of our art:

Exquisite Corpse & Ink Blots’ Surrealist Activities by Grades 5&6

 Sam T       Jordan









‘’Fish’ –  Grade 4/5









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